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X ProfitNet – portal of advertisements, which has one of the most known Lithuanian Internet trademarks. We attempt to provide tangible benefit by saving a large number of ordered advertisements and variety of required services for sellers and customers. For seller it is quick and useful sales;

For customer it is high supply, simple search and full information.

Our mission is to feel handshakes between sellers and customers, which mean right and useful sales for both sides. ProfitNet contains the following rubrics: – the biggest portal of Lithuanian vehicle advertisements; – tenths thousands real estate advertisements in Lithuania and abroad; – tenths thousands advertisements of technology products, telecommunications, housewares, animals and other categories. ProfitNet is kept and improved by company „Plius“, which belongs to „Baltic Media Group AS“ media concern. In Lithuania „ Baltic Media Group AS“ also governs „Žurnalų Leidybos Grupė“ and „15min“ companies. = profit + net = ProfitNet.

JSC „Plius“

A. Saltoniškių g. 9, LT - 08105 Vilnius

Registration code: 304149959

Weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00

Phone (8~5) 241 14 41

Fax (8~5) 242 95 28